Where do I find the PackageFamilyName for a Windows app?

If you’ve been following along on the new app to app communication work we’ve done with Windows 10 you will know that a lot of the new APIs require that you know the Package Family Name of the app you’re trying to communicate with. If you haven’t been following along, my Build talk here is a great starting point.

One convenient way to find out the PackageFamilyName of your app is to simply spit it out using the Windows.ApplicationModel.Package.Current.Id.FamilyName API. The always helpful dev center team just lit up another convenient way to look up this same information. If your app is already in the Windows store (Windows and Windows Phone store are now one) you can use the new preview dashboard. To do this, go to the new dashboard, select your app on the left and then go to App Management->App Identity. You should see the PackageFamilyName on the right.

Here’s a screenshot based on an app I’ve got published in the Windows Phone store:


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